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Learning to thermal at one of our inland sites
One Of the Finest places to learn to thermal in NZ
You'll learn to soar in just a few days and fulfill our ancient dream to fly free on the breeze
Learning Paragliding is a colourful, social, fun event
Here's our best training site - the perfect place to learn
SkyWings Ground Fun - special techniques for easy mastery of your launch skills

If you desire to develop superior levels of skill, even beyond PG2, we have a series of advanced courses for perfecting skills such as thermalling and cross country flying, advanced maneuvers and aerobatics or even competition flying.

You will learn from one of the countries most experienced and talented thermalling pilots. You will learn the techniques to climb to the clouds on the thermal updrafts and set off on extraordinary adventures of cross country delight.

If you fly with the SkyWings group after your PG2, assistance with your advanced training is available free for the asking, however if you want this information more quickly or have less time available then the more formally structured courses we offer may suit you better.

We’ve been instructing in this region for 25 years, and its become very clear that it is not possible to schedule these kinds of instruction rigidly to set times, instead we have developed a more effective method of advancing your skills, which involves theory classes at times when its not flyable, and a chance to try out this new found knowledge as we coach you free on the flying sites with us at any time the conditions are suitable.