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Learning to thermal at one of our inland sites
One Of the Finest places to learn to thermal in NZ
You'll learn to soar in just a few days and fulfill our ancient dream to fly free on the breeze
Learning Paragliding is a colourful, social, fun event
Here's our best training site - the perfect place to learn
SkyWings Ground Fun - special techniques for easy mastery of your launch skills

This is the way to experience the most amazing, free, easy flights, even in the first hours.

Never before has it been so easy to step out into the air. After very little training and effort, you will find yourself lifting off and experiencing the rush of exhilaration as you break free of gravity and enter this weightless medium. Within just a few hours, you will learn to carve turns through the air with great ease and fluidity. No other form of aviation is remotely this easy to master. The smooth, sweet ease and freedom of it will astound you - it is not hard! We teach people of all ages to be flying free on the first day.

You will start with small flights of 5 or 10 meters and quickly progress
to higher gliding flight, with graceful swooping turns and easy tiptoe landings.

At every stage you will be assisted by experienced Instructors and your flights and landings will be guided via radio. This is an exciting and fun filled day and will give you the full experience of paragliding.

Introductory Day Gift Vouchers are great for family and friends - give them the gift of real, free flight. Cost - $240


Ground Handling down on the beach