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Learning to thermal at one of our inland sites
One Of the Finest places to learn to thermal in NZ
You'll learn to soar in just a few days and fulfill our ancient dream to fly free on the breeze
Learning Paragliding is a colourful, social, fun event
Here's our best training site - the perfect place to learn
SkyWings Ground Fun - special techniques for easy mastery of your launch skills

This course is designed to teach anyone to fly with maximum safety and minimum effort. It opens the doors for you to experience the true freedom of free flight, and cleanses your mind of your busy life stresses. You will learn the skills to surf the sky and realise the dream of floating like a bird over pristine countryside.

Here's a beautiful video called 'Flying Is Freedom' showing what it's like learning to fly.

Full freedom to fly anywhere your mind desires. The course teaches you to be an independent pilot free to explore the world as never before.

The PG2 gives an International Pilots Rating. You will learn everything you need to know about flying paragliders so you can fly safely and continue to grow in skill and experience.

You will learn all this directly from Alan and enjoy the best student to teacher ratio possible and the smoothest, fastest learning curve. In the first days you will see how quickly you are learning under his care and attention.

Many pilots continue to fly with the School for years because of the pleasant social aspect and fast learning environment, but your PG2 rating gives you the freedom to fly almost anywhere around the world.

This is an unlimited course - you can take as many days as you wish to complete it. Most people would take at least 10-15 flyable days. You will learn a full and holistic view of the sport including meteorology (understanding the weather), aerodynamics (the understanding of wings and flight), site assessment, flight rules, and everything you need to know about flying skillfully and safely in New Zealand's diverse conditions.

SkyWings offers the most comprehensive series of theory lectures available to help you develop a complete understanding of the sport.
SkyWings is dedicated to producing pilots that are capable of flying safely and skillfully in all conditions. We fly almost every flyable day and will design the course specifically to suit your schedule.

PG2 Course - cost $1900 or $1250 NZ after PG1 - Gift Vouchers available.

We've had a fantastic year so far, with a really great bunch of students - definitely some of the best new pilots we've ever had and everyone enjoying their flying and each others company. With a few graduations lately, we are happy to take on some new students and have a special offer for anyone wanting to become a pilot in the next little while.


Contact us for our special offer that really helps people who want to get fully involved in the sport, to completely set themselves up with their equipment and all instruction with huge saving - allowing the full PG2 course to be free.

Packages including all your equipment (glider, harness and back protection system) and all your instruction can be had for as little as $3900 to $5000 NZ for good second hand packages.

Even new equipement packages range from only $5000 to $7500 NZ, so paragliding is definitely the cheapest and most convenient form of aviation.

Please contact us for up to date details on these special offers.

Huge fun on our main training site - Kario - west coast beach

And for a limited time - additional special offer


With our packages you will pay for one glider and harness, and in addition to getting your full PG2 course instruction free, you'll also get a free loan of a second glider for three months for ground handling and use in poor, wet, dirty or sandy conditions, so that you can master your ground handling skills without putting undue wear and tear on your best glider. This is a huge extra bonus. These gliders are all worth between $500 and $1500 NZ and will be great fun and a help to your growth of skills. This offer is limited until the School is full again.

To get started - call or email us and come over and have a chat or enroll in the PG2 course whenever you wish.

Phone 09 570 5757 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.