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Ozone Buzz Z5


The Buzz Z5 is consistently one of the most popular wings in our range and appeals to perhaps the widest
range of pilots.

For each Buzz Ozone strive to incorporate cutting edge performance technology into the most 
comfortable package possible.

Patented OZONE SharkNose Technology
0.5 increase in L/D throughout the speed range compared to the Z4
Increased cells, double 3D Shaping for a cleaner top surface
New Arc, for better handling, stability and sail cohesion
Ball-bearing pulleys for smooth acceleration






The Mojo legacy continues. The Mojo 5 may be the 5th in the series, but this version is completely new.

Meticulously designed from the ground up with many prototypes and countless hours of R & D, Ozone believe the
Mojo 5 is the best Mojo yet.

The Mojo 5 improves over the Mojo 4 in every aspect - it is lighter, easier to launch, more comfortable and fun to fly
and provides higher levels of precision and comfort in the handling.




Ozone Zero - Advanced Miniwing.

The Zero Mini-wing from Ozone

It is the most precise and compact wing they have ever flown. This mini-wing design has been more than two years in the making, and is based on what has been learned through the development of smaller-sized mountain gliders and the technological advances they have made in the Ozone Performance Project.

The Zero is the only mini-wing that features the patented Ozone SharkNose technology. The SharkNose, as proven in their highest level competition wings and now the Mantra and Delta series, provides enhanded stability at low angles of attack (accelerated flight) and also high angles of attack (slow speed flight), thermalling.

In addition, it provides a high level of spin-resistance, generally improved handling and increased speed and glide performance. In short, the SharkNose has significantly improved every aspect of flight in the Zero's design platform, making it a unique high-performance mini-wing which remains accessible and easy to use.

Pilot, In-Flight Weight                  15m                17m
Intermediate                               <75kgs           <85kgs
Intermediate-Advanced             70-95kgs        80-95kgs  

To watch the Zero video, click here - The Ozone ZERO - Mini-wing from Ozone Paragliders

Read their full story here

NZ Paragliding Record Flights

Peter Groves and Bryan Moore, both flying the NOVA Mentor 3 light, had a big day out on Sunday 7th of December 2014.

They flew from Treble Cone in Wanaka, along the Southern Alps to Mt Cook village. Pete clocked up 143.6km and Bryan 152.1km, both longer than the current NZ paragliding open distance record.

Their tracklogs haven't been verified by the National organistion yet, but you can see them on the NZ XC competition on Leonardo at:,cat:1,class:all,xctype:all,club:0.9

or Bryan -

and Pete -

Previous NZ distance records have all been done on comp type gliders, so to achieve these two record flights on the Mentor 3 light, high B -a glider safe for most pilots is a doubly remarkable feat. 

Their route was quite deep in the mountains, and if you look closely you will see that they faced some potentially long walk outs at various points along the way. They both do a lot of hike/fly trips so that probably wasn't a concern for them, but most of us would have found it intimidating!

Huge congratulations from SkyWings & Nova!!

Peter approaching Mt Cook - gives you an idea of the terrain they were travelling through - spectacular!

It was a day that originally was forecast to be windy, strong SW potentially easing in the afternoon. It backed off nicely, with a great looking sky, so they grabbed the opportunity and went for it. It was a latish start, meaning they didn't land until after 7pm, but they did manage to fly together for most of the way.


Ozone Enzo 2 and R12

More up to date info coming soon.

In the meantime check Ozone's webpage for the Enzo 2

and the Mantra R12


Read more: Ozone Enzo 2 and R12

Ozone Mantra M6 - Wow, what an achievement!

And now a lightweight version M6 as well.


Ozone Mantra M6 from Ozone Paragliders on Vimeo.

Ozone Rush 4

Ozone Swift 4 EN-B