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Ozone Zero - New Advanced Miniwing

The Zero is the new advanced mini-wing from Ozone

It is the most precise and compact wing they have ever flown. This mini-wing design has been more than two years in the making, and is based on what has been learned through the development of smaller-sized mountain gliders and the technological advances they have made in the Ozone Performance Project.

The Zero is the only mini-wing that features the patented Ozone SharkNose technology. The SharkNose, as proven in their highest level competition wings and now the Mantra and Delta series, provides enhanded stability at low angles of attack (accelerated flight) and also high angles of attack (slow speed flight), thermalling.

In addition, it provides a high level of spin-resistance, generally improved handling and increased speed and glide performance. In short, the SharkNose has significantly improved every aspect of flight in the Zero's design platform, making it a unique high-performance mini-wing which remains accessible and easy to use.

Pilot, In-Flight Weight                  15m                17m
Intermediate                               <75kgs           <85kgs
Intermediate-Advanced             70-95kgs        80-95kgs  


To watch the Zero video, click here - The Ozone ZERO - Mini-wing from Ozone Paragliders

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Ozone R11



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Ozone Mantra M4 EN D


Finally, for all those high performance pilots who have been waiting to taste the feeling of the new Ozone R10 technology without taking that full step to a competition wing.

The Mantra M4 has done what could have seemed impossible - to bring a performance like we have never felt before and blend it with an ease and comfort and stability - more like a DHV-2 wing than what we expected from EN D or DHV 2-3. Job done!! You will have never experienced performance like it unless you have flown an R10 and yet you will feel as comfy as on a EN C - DHV-2 wing.

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Ozone Rush 3


Finally, a worthy challenger for the Nova Mentor 2. These two wings are fighting it out for top dog in the EN-B class at the moment.

All Ozone's revolutionary new technology trickles down to every mans class.

Full rod structure in the leading edge like the Delta and the Mantra. Calmest, smoothest, easiest new profile and Ozone's gorgeous handling. So much performance and so easy to use. The Rush 3 is a thermalling, cross country and fun machine supreme!

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