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Beach fun with the motors - but don't try this stunt at home!
Mathieu Rouanet - Worlds best acro paramotor pilot - you can see why!
Mathieu cuts it up at our training site at Karioitahi
SkyWings Shop - the biggest paragear frenzy in the southern hemisphere
Mathieu explores Milford Sound - motors give access to the most stunning spots - don't forget your camera!
Motors - huge freedom - fly anywhere anytime almost

Mathieu Rouanet paramotoring over kayakers in Milford Sound

Alan was the first paramotor instructor in New Zealand, and has been teaching pilots to motor for 19 years.

Your ability to succeed in this wonderful branch of aviation is greatly improved by having such experience and teaching skill at your disposal.

Paramotoring is easy and fun. Motors weigh from around 19-30kgs and fit conveniently into the back of your van or car. You can be set up in minutes and taking off and landing from the beach, a park, your farm - wherever you have some clear space. They have a great range letting you fly for around 2-4 hours - an easy 50-100kms on a tank, travelling between 30-60km/hr.

Terry Syben on his Miniplane - flying an Ozone Indy

You can learn to fly a paramotor whether you are already a paraglider pilot or learning from scratch. If learning from scratch, you will complete a syllabus that will take from between 10-20 days and you will achieve independent paramotoring and or paraglider ratings.

Each new pilot is taught and progressed at their safest and most comfortable level and the skills and drills are mastered at the correct stages to build your confidence and progress you toward independent and safe motoring as soon as possible.

You can learn in any style you want - just paramotoring, or paragliding and paramotoring together. The steps are easy and simple to master with the right practice and you can be flying either with or without motor much quicker than you would think.

In conjunction with the New Zealand Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, SkyWings in Auckland will help you achieve a paramotor rating in order for you to be able to fly your paramotor solo.

You will learn the best techniques for launch, flight and landing developed over many years with the best and safest results - don't underestimate the value of learning with the most experienced instructor. It makes everything quicker and safer.

All aspects will be covered including site, weather, risk and hazard assessment, flight planning, motor maintenance, map reading etc.

Bevan Edmeades on his Miniplane - flying an Ozone Buzz 3

Alan with a Miniplane and a miniwing - ITV Beep Beep - great for high wind fun!

Nick Robinson after his first paramotor flight - motor PAP PA 125

Paraglider (PG2) pilots can convert quickly and easily to motoring within a few days depending on their paraglider skills. Our conversion course takes anywhere from 2-5 days - free with equipment purchase.

If you're interested in paramotoring and/or paragliding, contact us and we'll send you information about our courses and equipment.

Contact us on Auckland +64 9 5705757 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.